Microsoft Azure Machine Learning – A Data Tool for the Masses

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning – A Data Tool for the Masses When I was a freshmen at North Dakota State University in the fall of 1991, I worked as advertising manager at the college newspaper. It was a simple job, motivate the sales reps to sell as many ads as possible so that the editors can publish a big newspaper. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Of course, the size of the newspaper was always decided a few hours before we went to press and being able to predict the size was a difficult task since the only tools we had were Lotus 1-2-3. This decision was always made last minute with all of the data we had available. Times and technology were ripe for disruptive change in 1991! Fast forward to 2014 A lot has changed in my life since 1991. But what hasn’t changed is my desire to use information to make good decisions. The only difference is that we have compelling tools and technology to make decisions faster, more accurately and quite possibly much sooner than was ever … [Continue reading]

SWC Best Practices: Enhanced Managed Services

Susie Cummings SWC Technology Partners

SWC Best Practices: Enhanced Managed Services One of the advantages that SWC brings to the table when it comes to managed services is the fact that we have specialized consultants and resources around the architecture and implementation of today’s most prevalent technology solutions, such as Microsoft Exchange, Lync, SharePoint and CRM. … [Continue reading]

SCCM Troubleshooting 101: Overview

Author Jeff Poling SWC Technology Partners

SCCM Troubleshooting 101: Overview Your Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 environment is all set up, running and you are using it to deploy software in your environment. It is all working great until one day… it does not! The software deployment fails on one of your VIP's machines, or as I recently encountered, a package … [Continue reading]

Tell Us What You Think: Net Neutrality

Author Elliott Baretz SWC Technology Partners

Tell Us What You Think: Net Neutrality Net neutrality is a big topic that will affect many organizations. IT solutions provider, SWC, wants to know what midmarket professionals think. Watch our recent video blog to learn more. Net neutrality… where do you stand? Net neutrality is the principle that all content running through the … [Continue reading]

A Month of Lync Updates

Author Anthony Caragol SWC Technology Partners

A Month of Lync Updates August has been a big month for Microsoft Lync updates as we’ve seen Microsoft make some interesting patches available for the server, clients, phone edition and mobility. We strongly suggest you keep your Microsoft Lync environment up-to-date with all of these patches for the best possible Lync experience. Read my … [Continue reading]