Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence succeeds when data works for you and not the other way around. SWC's innovative and agile approach to business intelligence will provide your organization with breakthrough insights and powerful tools to quickly take your data to the next level. We provide our customers with rapid and pragmatic business intelligence solutions on-premise or in the cloud using Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Office 365 and Tableau 8.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Excel 2013 make data come alive through managed self-service reporting and rapid-fire business intelligence tools that allow any user to quickly create a highly visual, richly interactive and presentation ready solution.

Office 365

New Microsoft Power BI features and capabilities built into Office 365 allow users to create compelling analytical models with Power Pivot and Power View in the cloud.

Tableau 8

Easily create, collaborate and captivate stakeholders with Tableau solutions that allow users to create deep visual analytics and dashboards on their desktop or in the cloud.

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SWC Luncheon
Tableau 8, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Office 365: Powerful Business Intelligence Solutions
October 9, 2014

At this complimentary event, you will learn:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Excel 2013’s built-in self-service and proactive BI capabilities
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012’s new Power View solution that easily makes your data come alive through managed self-service reporting, allowing any user to quickly create a highly visual, richly interactive, and presentation ready solution
  • New collaboration tools that expand business insight through seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint
  • Tableau 8’s ability to create, collaborate and captivate stakeholders with new deep visual analytics
  • An approach to overall solution deployment and management that will help address the constantly changing needs of your business
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Business Intelligence (BI) is imperative to the success of any Chicago business that relies on instant access to relevant, up-to-date, critical data. A properly implemented agile business intelligence solution takes a business’ capabilities and converts them into insightful knowledge. Using this knowledge as a resource, allows a business to identify opportunities, point out strengths and weaknesses, provide a valuable competitive market advantage, and empower leaders to help make effective strategic decisions. Utilizing MS SQL Server 2012, SWC Technology Partners, located in Oak Brook, Illinois provides strategic business intelligence solutions for Chicago area businesses. Contact SWC at 630-572-0240 to learn more about our Business Intelligence service and see how BI tools can help convert your data into knowledge.