What are Some Business Intelligence Trends for 2015

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There are going to be a lot of exciting trends for business intelligence in 2015. Watch my “Ask SWC” video to learn more.

Business Intelligence Trends 2015


When we talk about social and business intelligence there are two aspects to this. The first is that people are going to be a lot more social around business intelligence, meaning they are going to be collaborating around dashboards and different types of reports, sharing this information and having a more engaged, less static situation.

Secondly, companies are looking for more social data about their organizations. Items are being posted on Yammer, Facebook and many other different social media channels and they are going to be bringing in a lot of that data to run analytics on what consumers are saying about their company, products or services, and also what some of their business partners are saying about them as well.


And because organizations are going to have all of this vast data (and there’s so much data out there) you are going to see a greater move toward the cloud. The cloud is a lot more secure and it’s a lot more cost effective. Therefore, people are going to be putting a lot more of their business intelligence assets and data up in a cloud structure.

Predictive Analytics

Another trend that is really going to be taking off more this year is predictive analytics. More and more of the vendors that are out there today are making predictive analytics easier to use within new dashboard technologies, so you no longer have to be a data scientist to analyze the results. This also touches the ability to data mine and get ahead of different types of business trends instead of just being reactive and looking at performance or operational metrics. Predictive analytics is really going to become a big competitive advantage for your organization this year.

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