An Agile Approach to Business Intelligence

April 18, 2012   //   Business Intelligence, , , , , , , ,

Contrary to popular belief, Business Intelligence doesn’t have to be horribly complicated, prohibitively expensive, or torturously long in getting accomplished.

At Chicago IT consulting firm, SWC, we focus on the middle market working with organizations that have hundreds or thousands of employees. Our clients tend to be very pragmatic in the way they do business. So, over the years we have learned how to create and deploy meaningful business intelligence assets that can be in production quickly and can drive meaningful ROI.

There are two key components in our approach to Business Intelligence – technology and methodology.

At SWC our core BI technology is Microsoft SQL Server. Its most recent edition – Microsoft SQL Server 2012, just released offers several significant enhancements that extend the power of Business Intelligence in ways that we would have never imagined only a handful of years ago. Features such as Power View and Power Pivot allow end-users to quickly create rich, interactive analysis at a variety of levels – using intuitive and user friendly authoring tools. And because this is all part of the Microsoft stack experience, these very insightful views can be quickly shared throughout an organization using the collaboration capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint, Lync, Exchange and Office.

Beyond the technology is how SWC seeks to design and deploy Business Intelligence solutions. Over recent years we have adopted an “agile” development methodology. The idea with agile is to define and develop a discreet, pragmatic solution which is released incrementally for both production use and immediate feedback from users. From there we continue to build out the capabilities of the environment in this type of building block mode – iterating and constantly enhancing the features and capabilities of the business intelligence solution. Through this approach BI projects are affordable and impactful – two words that fundamentally define IT in the middle market.

Through the power of business intelligence we give our clients the ability to identify and understand the challenges and opportunities they face every day. We help them succeed and we help them succeed faster.

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