Ask SWC: What Is A New Technology That You Find Interesting?

September 26, 2013   //   Business Intelligence, , , , ,

Microsoft released the preview of Power BI for Office 365 earlier this month. The program tackles numerous nuances and will serve business users immensely. Watch our video to discover the new capabilities of Power BI and how it will give your organization the power to analyze and make more strategic decisions faster.

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Power BI for Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud based business intelligence solution that fits seamlessly into Office 365. Power BI puts business intelligence in the hands of the end users in a cost effective and easy to use manner through Microsoft Excel and the cloud, as a service. This new solution provides users with the ability to do Power View and Power Pivots in a more collaborative, economical and intuitive way.

There are also many exciting new features of Power BI such as the ability to use on premise data sources, so your data is not limited to what is in the cloud. Another exciting feature is the mobile aspect Office 365 brings to Power BI. Users now have the ability to move to HTML 5, so you can finally look at your information virtually anywhere on your mobile phone or tablet device.

To learn more about Power BI and all of the exciting new features Office 365 has for the business intelligence community, please join us for our next informative Business Intelligence event.

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