How is Digital Cholesterol Impacting Your SQL System Performance?

August 16, 2010   //   Business Intelligence, , , ,

Anyone who uses SQL in their environment is at risk for what we at Chicago IT consultants SWC like to call “digital cholesterol.” How do you know you have it? You might notice sluggish system performance, connection timeouts, query deadlocks or worse, complete failure or other near-disasters.

The problem for many mid-market companies is how to justify the expense of a full-time SQL DBA. Many businesses either outsource this function, hand it off to an overworked in-house IT team with little time or SQL expertise, or just put it on the back burner for someone to “get back to” when there is more time or worse, something bad happens.

If your SQL data is critical to your business, it’s imperative to properly assess and maintain your SQL environment. If your digital cholesterol means your database can’t grow with your business, that’s a big problem and it’s probably time for a checkup.

SQL servers should be assessed and maintained to determine whether the servers have been configured to established best practices. At SWC, we investigate everything from configuration, usage and performance metrics; from data we collect, we make recommendations that enhance the systems’ performance and management.

If you notice any of the symptoms of digital cholesterol, it’s definitely time for a checkup to get your system’s health back on track.