Ask SWC: What Are Some New Features of Tableau 8.2?

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We are really excited about the launch of Tableau 8.2. The product’s new release has a lot of great features and updates that will help users more effectively discover and communicate business intelligence insights. Watch my “Ask SWC” video blog to learn more.

New Features of Tableau 8.2

Tableau 8.2 has a lot of new and exciting features including map designs, story points, visual data windows and the ability to now run Tableau Desktop on a Mac. One of my favorite features is the new Tableau story points or storyboarding feature. The Tableau 8.2 storyboarding feature is a new and interactive way to create narratives of your business intelligence data without having to copy and paste all of your different reports and dashboards into different PowerPoint slides or other programs when you are presenting them to your stakeholders.

The Tableau 8.2 storyboarding feature allows users to build out a story. For example, if you have a new product line that you are launching to the market, the first slide of your story might be sales. For items like dollar amounts, you might want to use one of the Tableau business intelligence geography map tools to show sales across the U.S. or even different countries. Next you might want to show your marketing spend and how to tie that into sales, so you could go to the next frame of the story to show these insights. From there, you can build a new frame into the story to show the future sales pipeline. You can even use something like the statistical tool R to do trending on past sales or look at some predictive analytics to determine where that product line might go (watch Rachael’s past “Ask SWC” video blog on Tableau and R).

The Tableau 8.2 storyboard feature can help your organization tell a story without having to pop in and out of different dashboards. The tool is also very interactive with your data and gives users the ability to refresh it in real-time, so someone can use it in your organization today and then three days later use it to see how the different trends, analysis and data has changed. Another great way to use the Tableau 8.2 storyboard tool would be for something repeatable like quarterly financials, where you would use the exact same storyboard and it would automatically change and refresh with new business intelligence data every 90 days.

I think the Tableau 8.2 storyboarding feature is beneficial to any organization and users will thoroughly enjoy the interactive insights and visualization it provides. The tool helps to tell a story without having to jump in and out of a lot of information. For data analysts and data scientists, the Tableau 8.2 storyboarding feature can help solve complicated and complex problems by taking a really complicated problem or data set and breaking it down into four or five storyboards and being able to walk everyone through the process. For instance, your organization could use the Tableau 8.2 storyboarding tool to explain why sales are down.

Another tool that we are excited about in Tableau 8.2 is the visual designer tool or visual data window for data relationships. In past versions of Tableau there was a little bit of a learning curve with the visual designer tool in regards to learning how to set up a relationship between one set of data and another. For instance, if you had some data in one server and some data in Oracle you would need to understand how to set up that relationship. Now with Tableau 8.2 the process is all visual, so you can set up full joins, right joins, left joins and any other data relationship joins you might expect, but now they are visual with an indicator of how the join works. The visual designer also gives users a sampling of what is going to happen when you make that join, so if you make a mistake it’s pretty easy to change your right join to a left join and vice versa to get it correct and validated. These are great features for someone who isn’t very technical to use.

To learn more about Tableau 8.2 and all of its great new features and functionally, please join us for our next complimentary business intelligence event, specifically our Chicagoland event on August 27th where we will be doing some new demos of the latest Tableau 8.2 release.

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