Predictive Analytics Made Easy with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

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Microsoft Azure Machine Learning is a new and powerful cloud based predictive analytics tool that gives users the ability to quickly forecast future trends and behaviors. Watch my “Ask SWC” video to see how easy it is to create predictive analytics models using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.

Azure Machine Learning

In my Microsoft Azure Machine Learning video, we built an experiment to predict possible buyers with a data set used to analyze prospective buyers and determine whether they were likely to buy our product or not. We also discuss how we were able to take the outcome of this experiment and make it into something that we could integrate with other applications to optimize the predictive analytics experiment. Through the sample we created I am able to go to my scoring model, set a publishing input and set a publishing output. The setting of the input and output will give Azure the information it needs to publish a web service.

The publishing capability is one of the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning’s best features. There were predictive analytics and modeling capabilities in SQL a few versions ago that were fairly hard and time-consuming to use. Now that Microsoft has moved predictive analytics to the cloud with Azure, publishing is easy.

If you are interested in learning more about Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, SWC is sponsoring a Chicagoland Business Intelligence Meetup on October 30th at Microsoft’s office in Downers Grove, Illinois. At this meetup we will show some practical demos to help you get up to speed with Azure Machine Learning. We will also discuss licensing and storage considerations, review end-to-end machine learning solutions integrated with a web app and review a real case study looking at customer churn. This complimentary event is open to those wanting to learn more and network with BI users in a fun and social setting.

If you can’t make our meetup, SWC also presents complimentary monthly Chicagoland educational events on various technology solutions, including Microsoft Azure and Business Intelligence. Please visit SWC Events to learn more and register.

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