R You Looking to Integrate with Tableau?

August 28, 2014   //   Business Intelligence, , , ,

R is a popular (and free) statistical language for predicative analytics and advanced statistical analysis that integrates into the Tableau business intelligence platform. On September 4th, I will be leading a free webinar that will give you an introduction to R and Tableau integration. I encourage you to join me for the live demonstration where I will also answer questions from the audience.

R is an open source software environment and programming language that people use for advanced statistical analysis and predictive analytics. R can be used to do advanced “what if” analysis data mining, linear regressions and sentiment analysis. The tool can also be used to efficiently and effectively complete predictive analysis on big data sets. At SWC, we like R because it’s free and can be integrated into Tableau, one of our favorite business intelligence tools. In the past we have had a BI Meetup on R and Tableau integration and have also blogged a little bit about it through our “Ask SWC” video series (See Ask SWC: What is the New R Feature for Tableau).

If you are interested in learning more about R and Tableau integration and seeing this cool tool in action, I encourage you to register for my upcoming webinar on Thursday, September 4th at the link below: http://bit.ly/R-and-Tableau-Webinar

If you are unable to attend the webinar, you can still join us for any of our upcoming Chicagoland business intelligence events to learn more about Tableau and all of the new and exciting business intelligence features the Tableau 8.2 release brings.

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