What’s New with MDS In SQL Server 2012?

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A lot of people have been asking about Master Data Services as a Business Intelligence Solution. Watch my latest episode of “Ask SWC” to learn more about what’s new with Master Data Services in Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
Ask SWC MDS and SQL Server 2012
Master Data Services or MDS is a great Business Intelligence solution that we offer our customers as part of the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 stack. MDS can be used to connect to any domain and manage customers, products or accounts. SWC’s customers really like Master Data Services because it allows any business user to manage data themselves, significantly reducing the need for IT resources to spend their time fixing data or hierarchy definitions.

New MDS features include hierarchies, granular security, transactions and data versioning and business rules. Microsoft Data Quality Services can also be used to compare two data sources and provide suggestions and confidence of change accuracy. Perhaps, my favorite new Master Data Services tool is the Microsoft Excel add-in, which allows users to connect to the MDS database and load a filtered set of data to work with in Excel and then publish it back to the database. In Excel users can sort the data, filter it and make any changes in a familiar format, then apply those changes in the MDS database.

Finally, Microsoft has also made some improvements to their Master Data Services web interface, including an improved user interface. Silverlight has also been integrated to allow users to add, delete or move members in a hierarchy.

To learn more about Master Data Services or how SWC can help you implement this Business Intelligence solution, please join us for our next informative Business Intelligence event.

MDS BI Community Meetup

SWC is hosting a Master Data Services Business Intelligence Community Meetup on March 20th at our office. Our MDS expert, Jeff Hellesen will lead a discussion and demonstration for the group on uncovering the power of Microsoft Data Quality Services. I’d encourage you to join us if you’re available and want to learn more. The event starts at 5:30 PM and the presentation will begin at 6:00 PM. Pizza and pop will be served and we hope everyone will stay after the presentation is over to network and meet other business intelligence professionals and keep the conversation going.

If you are not able to make the event, I encourage you to subscribe to our blog, as we will continue to publish more technical content and provide additional information about our business intelligence community groups and technical webinars.

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