Ask SWC: What’s So Great About Tableau?

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One of our favorite Business Intelligence tools at SWC is Tableau. Our customers really love it because it’s mobile and puts the power of data analytics in anyone’s hands. Watch our recent episode of “Ask SWC” to learn more about our favorite features of Tableau.
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Tableau is a highly intuitive and visually rich business intelligence application that can connect to a variety of cloud and native data sources, including and Google Analytics. By using a data buddy, you can combine all of these data sources into one dashboard by simply dragging and dropping the data in. Tableau’s user-friendly interface provides even the non-technical user with the ability to quickly analyze this data to instantly create visually rich, powerful and interactive dashboards.

Tableau’s recent release, Tableau 8 has offered users a lot of great updates including report subscriptions, one-step forecasting, JavaScript API and a mobile app. The mobile app is by far one of my favorite features, because it allows you to view all of your reports in real-time. You can also use almost all of the same features you would on your desktop version using the mobile app, including zooming, filtering and highlighting. You can even edit reports in real-time from your mobile app!

To learn more about BI and all of the exciting new features Tableau 8 has for the business intelligence community; please join us for our next informative Business Intelligence event.

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