“It’s the people—the culture.”

March 29, 2012   //   Careers

SWC’s consultants tell us that they have learned more in two years at SWC than they would have in five to ten years working at a large corporation.

Mark Johnson, Senior Consultant for Software Solutions, knows this learning curve to be true.

“When I was first hired, I was shell shocked at first because there is so much going on; there are so many different technologies,” Mark said. “People were throwing out words and acronyms I had never heard before.”

But after a couple months Mark started speaking the language and understanding his team’s vision. Because of everyone’s willingness to help him along the way, he never had the sense that he was on the outside looking in. After he found the right path it was “pretty much smooth sailing from there.”

So it’s no surprise to learn the number one reason Mark enjoys coming to work every day.

“It’s the people—the culture. Everyone is here for the same reason: to make sure that the company succeeds and everyone on the team delivers their best work. I really like coming to work and knowing that if I have a question I don’t have to worry about asking it. Even if it’s something you think you should know, almost every time that person is going to take time out of their day not only to answer your question, but to provide you with the information and the tools you need to succeed.”

Work for an IT Team Where You’re Always Learning

If you want a career where professional development is placed at a premium, look no further than SWC. With ever-evolving technologies, plenty of on-the-job learning opportunities, and incentives for performance and certifications, it’s the perfect place for passionate learners.

Check out our current career opportunities or email HRTeam@swc.com. We’d be happy to talk with you!