SWC Employees Enjoy a Week of Extra Perks!

June 19, 2015   //   Careers, , , ,

After being recognized by Crain’s Chicago Business as A Best Place to Work in 2015 for the fourth consecutive year, we decided to hold a weeklong celebration to reward all of our team’s hard work and dedication. SWC Employees – You Rock! Week featured plenty of great food, treats and healthy drinks. On Friday we capped off a week of fun by celebrating with a happy hour party at Weber Grill, where a number of lucky employees took home some big prizes.

Day 1: Full Breakfast Bar

In true SWC fashion, we decided to start off You Rock! Week with a full breakfast bar! If you speak to anyone who works at SWC, then you know that we have no shortage of food around the office. Whether it’s fresh fruit Tuesdays or catered team meetings, there is always food at the center of our employee interactions. Starting the week with a nice warm breakfast for the entire office was well received by all.


Day 2: Fruit Smoothie Tiki Bar

What’s the only thing better than working at SWC Technology Partners on Tuesday afternoon? Enjoying an ice cold fruit smoothie from a Tiki Bar while working at SWC Technology Partners on a Tuesday afternoon. Employees lined the halls and caught up with colleagues in anticipation of the Tiki Bar. The healthy fruit smoothies were a big hit on a hot Chicago day.

Day 3: Gelato from Frost

On the third day of our celebration, SWC employees were treated to tasty gelato from Frost. The small flat spoons let you really appreciate how good the gelato tastes. At least a few ice cream to gelato converts were made.


Day 4: SWC Colors Day

Everyone had fun dressing in their favorite SWC colors! Those who did won extra raffle tickets for Friday’s giveaways at Weber Grill. The team enjoyed debating which colleagues’ apparel was truly SWC-colortastic while taking time out to appreciate all of the great people we work with.


Day 5: Weber Grill

After work on Friday afternoon, everyone was invited to celebrate at a happy hour party at Weber Grill. In addition to enjoying great food and drinks, we also gave away some premium prizes including dinner cruises, a hotel stay with spa treatment, cooking classes, gift certificates and even an extra vacation day.


After a fun-filled week of eating, drinking, prizes and partying, the team was more than ready for the weekend to start. Happy consultants make happy clients, and we are lucky to have a lot of happy consultants here at SWC Technology Partners.

If you would like to learn more about joining our award winning team, please take a look at our current Chicago career opportunities. We’d be happy to talk with you!

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