“The best part about SWC is the variety.”

March 28, 2012   //   Careers

“The best part about SWC for me is the variety,” said Mary Beth Rath, Principal Consultant of SharePoint Solutions. “I was looking for a company that would allow me to get exposure, experience, and a lot of different opportunities. Because we deal with small to medium-sized businesses, I think that that is the nature of our consulting environment; we are often working with different businesses and we’re learning new technologies. I’ve learned more here than I have at any other job.”

We hear it again and again from SWC employees: SWC is the place to learn and grow your talents. Part of that is due to the intelligent, team-oriented problem-solvers you’ll be surrounded with.

“I really like the team dynamic at SWC,” Rachael said. “I feel like I can go to others and ask for guidance. I can bounce ideas off people and feel like I’m not on my own. I really like that we work together and we try to focus on what’s the right thing for the customer.”

And at the end of the day, your coworkers start to feel like more than just coworkers.

“The dynamic sort of feels like a family,” said Rachael. “It makes you want to come into work every day.”

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