“You learn a ton and it’s just an enjoyable place to work.”

March 30, 2012   //   Careers

One of the things that Aaron Selle, Director of Software Solutions enjoys is working on diverse, challenging projects with ever-changing technology. He said so himself.

“Consulting is a challenging job,” Aaron said. “You have to be able to think on your feet. You have to be able to change gears frequently, but at SWC that’s well-balanced against the variety of projects and technologies that you’re exposed to.”

Aaron isn’t alone. A great deal of employees have joined SWC for, among many other reasons, the ability to grow their skills with cutting-edge technology. In turn, this makes employees more valuable to the company, which reflects in everything from salary and incentives to job title and responsibility.

“You’re not going to get bored at SWC,” Aaron said. “You’re going to be working on something new every month—maybe every week—maybe even a couple new things every day. So from that perspective it’s very rewarding; it makes you more valuable every day. You learn a ton and it’s just an enjoyable place to work.”

“On top of that, the culture is just so friendly and welcoming that before you even know it, many of your coworkers will be your friends and they are going to be coming to your house for a poker game or coming to your summer barbecue.”

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