“You won’t ever be bored. And you will always be well fed!”

March 30, 2012   //   Careers

Elaine stumbled upon an SWC internship while she was still in college and was hired on as the first sales and marketing intern. She immediately took to the culture and felt like an integral part of the team.

“I was taking on more roles than my friends did when they had their internships. I sat in on sales meetings and had my ideas taken into consideration, so to me that was the sign of a company that really cares about everyone’s ideas—no matter whether they are an intern or a full time employee.”

When it came time to graduate, Elaine really wanted to stay at SWC. Fortunately, there was an open position with the inside sales team.

“It was great to have a job right out of college. I felt very fortunate out of all my friends to not only have a job but to have a job that I actually love.

SWC is a really awesome company to work for. You’ll be challenged to be the best you can. You won’t ever be bored. And you will always be well fed!”

Join an IT Team Where Your Ideas Are Valued

There’s a reason we rave about the culture at SWC. Interested in learning about the inner workings of SWC or want to talk about an open opportunity? Email HRTeam@swc.com or give us a call us at 630.572.0240.