HAVI Group Custom SharePoint Design

February 2, 2013   //   Client Success


Building Communities

The HAVI Group is comprised of three main companies with over 8,000 employees in more than 100 countries. The group was founded in 1974 to help customers worldwide by providing innovative and flexible solutions for integrated supply chain management, packaging and marketing. To help connect employees among HAVI’s three companies and provide a better sense of community, the firm contacted SWC to build HAVILINK, an internal SharePoint site.

  • SharePoint
  • Custom Development
  • Design

Connecting Employees

HAVILINK serves as a place for employees to connect through company announcements and information in an easily accessible and centralized location. HAVILINK features SWC IP assets, including a custom designed automatically rotating layout where recent news posts to the top of the site, so updates will be instantly disseminated. Additionally site functionality includes automatically tailored content for users based on their position or role at HAVI.

HAVILINK has given management the ability to update everyone in the company in a quick and efficient manner. It has also become a way for HAVI to showcase their corporate values, maximizing every individual’s potential in a positive work environment. The site has greatly improved collaboration and gives teams the ability to work together.

HAVILINK features

  • Leaderline — A scrolling spotlight of the HAVI leadership team
  • What’s New — Employee announcements, company news and happenings
  • What’s on Your Mind? — Employee feedback tool
  • Specialized Pages on HAVI’s Mission and Values — About HAVI, Customer Value, Social Responsibility and the HAVI Leadership Development Program