Ask SWC: How Can A Company Move To The Cloud With Privacy Needs?

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As the cloud becomes a more of realistic technology for many companies these days, there are a lot of concerns regarding privacy and compliance. Watch my “Ask SWC” video to learn more about how SWC can make the cloud a reality for organizations with privacy needs.

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The cloud continues to become a more realistic technology for many organizations now a days and a lot of our clients are asking us how to get there. But they also have a lot of concerns around privacy, compliance and users with items like PCI Security Standards and HIPPA Privacy Rules. At SWC we not only help our customers get to the cloud, but we also provide them with advisory services to help them understand the best way to leverage for their organization. For instance, is the right solution moving things like email and SharePoint to the cloud and retaining the rest of an organization’s infrastructure on-premise? Or maybe it’s putting an organization’s big data and business intelligence in the cloud with solutions like Power BI and Office 365.

SWC is a technology solutions provider focused on understanding our client’s needs and designing the right cloud based solution that will benefit their organization by:

  • Decreasing their technology infrastructure annual spend
  • Improving availability of their applications and service
  • Increasing the response time of their applications and network
  • Extending applications that exist in their environments to delivery systems in the Cloud

For more information on how SWC can help move your organization to the cloud, please attend our upcoming Chicagoland cloud event.

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Client Success Story

Watch our video case study to learn more about how SWC helped Integrity Payment Systems find success using our custom application development services to build a scalable and secure cloud based solution.

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