How Microsoft Azure Can Reduce Help Desk Calls and Increase Security

November 25, 2014   //   Cloud, , , ,

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Two big challenges for IT today are the volume of help desk calls and the growing need for enhanced security. In the past these two challenges were costly to overcome, required deep expertise in non traditional technologies or were prohibitive due to the time required for implementation. With Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) which includes Azure Active Directory Premium, organizations can now quickly and efficiently achieve enhanced security and reduce help desk calls. Read my blog to learn more.

Enterprise Mobility Suite and Azure Active Directory Premium can greatly reduce the number of help desk calls your organization receives with self-service password resets. No longer are users required to log a ticket, call the help desk or wait for business hours to request a password reset. IT also doesn’t need to manage a third party product, since everything is based off of Active Directory! The integration between on-premises Active Directory and Azure Active Directory ensures all accounts are synchronized and resets happen in real time. All requests are driven via a web based portal within Azure that users can access anywhere and anytime. Once a user requires a password reset a simple verification step occurs through a text message, phone call or alternate email to ensure the users’ identity. Once the user’s identity is confirmed a verification code is provided so that the user can reset their password.

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Password requirements will always follow your organizational polices defined within Active Directory.

Enterprise Mobility Suite and Active Directory Premium also give organizations the use of Azure Multi-Factor Authentication for enhanced security. As we continue to see a growing mobile workforce that requires access to data from anywhere at any time, it is critical to ensure that the users logging into your environment are who you think they are. Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication provides additional security that’s instantaneously achieved. Azure Multi-Factor Authentication can be used within Microsoft Office 365, Azure Administrators or one of the thousands of SaaS applications available on the market today. Authentication methods include – apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. These are delivered as automated phone calls or text messages.

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