Assessing the Effectiveness of CRM

February 15, 2016   //   Customer Relationship Management,

The accuracy of your CRM data is essential to making better business decisions. If your CRM system does not answer your business decision maker’s  most pressing questions, then you have some work to do. In this blog, I will help you determine the effectiveness of your CRM and sales process with three basic steps.

The effectiveness of your sales processes cannot be determined with a high level of certainty if you do not have great CRM user adoption, but let’s put the horse before the cart. The first step in making sure you are working with a robust CRM system that users view as a tool that will enable them to succeed, rather than a task that helps management.

How to Assess Maturity of Your Sales Automation Tools

The maturity of your sales automation tools can be assessed with three basic functional principles.

  1. The system must adhere to business processes
  2. The system must provide analytics to measure performance
  3. The system must have automation that provides consistencies with your organization’s best practices

1. Defining the Sales Process

What the users are saying:

  • “CRM is just something I use because my manager told me to”
  • “CRM doesn’t really match the way we do business”
  • “I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with this”

The reality is, if your organization doesn’t follow a defined standard sales process, you need to get one. Either adopt one of the numerous sales methodologies out there, or define your own modified version.  In order to ensure that your CRM system is used consistently, the system must match the process, and thereby add inherent value and clarity to the sales team.

2. Measuring Performance

What the users are saying:

  • “I don’t know what my team is working on”
  • “Which portions of the sales process are most effective?”

Once the process is defined and being utilized, there is always room to improve your strategy based on what is working and what is not. CRM has to give you transparent means for measuring success to realize the full potential ROI of the sales automation system.

3. Process Automation

What the users are saying:

  • “Everyone does this in a different way and it should be standardized”
  • “I should have known about this sooner”
  • “CRM takes up too much time and doesn’t do anything to help me”

Automation should provide consistencies with the best practices defined by your organization. Many organizations are not doing everything they could be to communicate efficiently and promptly with their customers or their internal resources, and a good CRM system (if properly configured and used) is able to do this automatically.

Does your organization have an effective CRM and sales process, or do these scenarios sound familiar to you? Contact SWC today to learn more about our sales automation maturity assessment and how we can help drive more CRM user adoption in your organization. Tell us about your marketing and sales business processes challenges and we’ll show you how we can help!

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Assessing the Effectiveness of CRM

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