Comparing CRM Software: Microsoft Dynamics vs. Salesforce

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One of the most popular requests we get asked at our CRM Chicagoland luncheons is to compare Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Salesforce. Probably not a surprise – a vast majority of the companies we talk to who are looking at a CRM system are selecting between Microsoft and Salesforce, both leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for sales force automation.

The marketing engines of both of these companies are powerful and well-funded. What companies do find is that both Microsoft and Salesforce provide a significant amount of functionality compared to other vendors. It’s still rather unusual to see CRM solutions with sales pipeline management, drag and drop dashboarding for management, email marketing, marketing automation and customer service under one umbrella or product line. Most of the competitors are still trying to be great at one thing. Meanwhile, Salesforce and Microsoft are providing the ability for companies to create a 360 degree view of their existing and potential customer base – their sales pipeline.

Microsoft vs. Salesforce

Let’s compare Microsoft to Salesforce. Which one is the best? The answer (shockingly) is that it depends and it’s always changing. That’s a major benefit of vendors who provide cloud software solutions, they are constantly being updated. Here is what I tell those who attend SWC’s CRM events:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Advantages

  • Simpler licensing model – most features are included
  • Better Outlook and Office integration – better user experience and less configuration for admins
  • Great for when you need on-premises CRM
  • Newer User Interface
  • Small, but growing marketplace

Consider When:

  • You have a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement – CRM licenses can be added creating licensing management efficiencies
  • Seamless integration with Outlook is needed
  • You’re an Office 365 customer or heavy Microsoft shop
  • You’re a Dynamics AX customer
  • You need on-premises custom systems integration
  • Your budget is tight and you need features such as mobile

Salesforce Advantages

  • Complex pricing model – “a la carte” pricing and monthly fees to use APIs on some licenses
  • Market leader in terms of adoption
  • User Interface hasn’t changed much in years
  • Strong marketplace for add-ons

Consider When:

  • You are not a Microsoft shop – you can get aggressive pricing from Salesforce
  • Salesforce AppExchange provides a vertical solution that fits your needs
  • You need sophisticated Marketing Automation solution

SWC Technology Partners provides expertise in both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems. If you would like us to walk you through the comparison in more detail, feel free to email us or call 630.572.0240. We frequently run CRM Strategy Sessions (less than week) and CRM Discovery Sessions (2-3 weeks) to help organizations figure out which product is the best solution for their needs and requirements.

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