Ask SWC: What Are Some Cool New Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013?

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In this episode of “Ask SWC,” we’re taking a look at Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, also known as the Fall 2013 rollout. The new release has completely changed. If you have Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, you will probably be in shock because it looks and behaves different than what you currently have now. Watch this episode of “Ask SWC” to see Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 in action!
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Microsoft Dynamics is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that automates business processes giving teams the tools to make quick and educated decisions about customers to drive sales and build relationships. In my video, I demoed some new features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, including:

  • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Dashboard look and feel.
  • New icons that help illustrate actions, for examples – account add and case creation. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 everything has its own different icon, which helps to give a visual representation of what is going on.
  • Top navigation with nifty little boxes that populate depending on where you are. For instance, when I go to the sales section, everything changes and it shows you related items, such as opportunities and so on.
  • Another cool feature demoed and added to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is a visual representation of your current view in the right column, depending on where you are in the system. You can show things like all active accounts listed by owner. This can be changed up and customized to show anything that you want. If you then switch views, it will update the graph, which is also a nice feature to have.
  • I also like Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013’s new “Quick Create” feature. Unlike the past CRM version, you don’t have to do a lot of clicking around to create a new contact.
  • In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, the idea of popups have completely gone out the window and everything is now an overlay, so you never have to leave your account view – and if you change your mind, you can easily click cancel. You do not have to go through multiple windows to get back to what you were doing, as you would have had to do in the past.
  • The way that accounts and all records are displayed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 has also changed. If you take a look, there is now Bing maps integration, so if you click on your account address, you can Bing map to where it is.
  • Left navigation has also gone away in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. The product has rolled everything up into one centralized view. Now all of my activities, posts, notes, contacts, opportunities and cases are listed right in front of me in one easy to use screen.
  • Once again, I wanted to emphasize that the idea of popups are finally gone in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. From my account view, I can easily create a new opportunity within an account by clicking on the plus sign, then a little pane overlays over the account and I can easily create an opportunity with the main focal points I want to capture.
  • If I need more information on a contact or opportunity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, I can quickly click into that contact and you will notice there is a lot more information fills you can view or complete
  • Another cool feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is the pipeline. It really helps you focus in on what you need to be doing at a specific stage in the sales cycle – in this case an opportunity. In my demo, I was in the qualified stage of an opportunity and the system only shows me core fields that I need to update for this stage. If I were to press through to the pipeline stage, you will see that the fields I should be focusing on change. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 helps to automate the process so that you can focus on the stages and things that are needed to do at that point in the sales cycle. You can now do you job more efficiently because there is no need to go through tons of forms or fields and determine what needs to be updated or entered for each.

I hope you enjoyed my brief demo on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. Everything demoed today can be customizable to meet your unique business needs and the things your company wants to capture. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is a very a robust system and complete overhaul from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and I could spend hours talking about all of the enhancements and changes that were made. Hopefully this video has given you a better sense of what is new and what you have to look forward to when you upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

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