Social Listening in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

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Microsoft Social Listening in Dynamics CRM 2015 provides sales, marketing and customer service teams with powerful social tools to help them connect with customers and prospects and determine social insights and sentiment. Read my blog to learn more about some of the exciting new features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Social Listening tool.

Getting Started

Social media is a very simple concept by nature, so it only seems natural that Microsoft’s new Social Listening services are simple to setup and use.

    • Start by signing up via the Microsoft O365 portal and administering which users have licenses for Social Listening
    • Setup which search topics you want to monitor for social media buzz
    • Sit back and wait for the data to accumulate as the platform “listens” for posts to be made that match the “include” and “exclude” terms that you setup in your search topic

Analytics Dashboard

The power of the platform comes with the pre-built drillable analytics dashboards which allow you to analyze and identify trends. The analytics dashboards can be viewed directly from your CRM system dashboards, user dashboards and entity forms so that sellers and marketers can make decisions based off of metrics such as trends over geography and sentiment.

One of the worries I initially had about the platform was that it would only search across social profiles that were previously setup in my CRM database. That is not the case. Buzz about your search topics are accumulated across all publically accessible profiles and you are only limited by your monthly quota of search results that are retrieved and stored for analysis. By default, this is 10k posts and you can increase that quota if needed.

Unfortunately, the analytics dashboards and “listening” only starts once you have setup your search terms. You might have to wait a couple days or weeks to see any definition of trending. It will take diligence and some thoughtful planning to make sure that you are capturing enough relevant post information to be able to make decisions. You will also want to monitor and adjust your search terms frequently to make sure that relevant information is being returned and that you are poised to understand new trends over time.

All of the items on the dashboard sample below are drillable down to the post level where you can see exactly what people are motivated to write about.

Microsoft CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social Care Framework

Additional power comes with the Social Care Framework, which is a set of code libraries and a sample project that allows a developer to create a social solution that meets the needs of the business. This generic framework allows you to route social information into your CRM system in an actionable way.

For example, would you like to create an activity for a sales rep to follow up on whenever someone tweets in regards to a specific term or hashtag? The specific implementation and routing of the actionable data can be customized to fit your organization’s needs. Subscribe to SWC’s blog, as I will follow up in my next post on what can be accomplished with this framework and how it is used.

If you would like to learn more about social listening or Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, contact SWC or call 630.572.0240.

CRM and Social Listening

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