Ask SWC: Salesforce Goes Social with Chatter

October 15, 2013   //   Customer Relationship Management, , , , , , ,

The word of the day is Chatter. What is Chatter? We like to think of it as’s version of Twitter. Watch this week’s episode of ‘Ask SWC’ to learn more about this cool new feature and how it’s helping organizations connect with their customers in real-time and new ways.

Ask SWC Chicago IT Consulting Firm is a cloud based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for sales force automation, customer service, partner management and marketing and campaign management. The solution’s ability to be on top of every lead, opportunity and customer interaction provides a huge advantage for users. One of the ways the platform does this is through a new social business feature called Chatter.

Chatter helps users to build secure online communities by connecting users, groups and customers in a constant dialog. Once a user logs into their account, they can use the Chatter feature to hashtag different events and tag people, so that they will be included in conversations that are relevant to them. By looking through your Salesforce Chatter feed, you can see anything that you were tagged in or any topics that were hashtagged that you may be interested in learning more about. Chatter is a great new feature that helps users quickly find experts, increase resolution time, convert more sales and make decisions faster.

If you would like to chat about chatter, please join us for our next informative event or follow our Go-To-Market leader Elliott Baretz on LinkedIn.

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