Why SWC is Developing a SalesForce.com Practice

April 23, 2012   //   Customer Relationship Management, , , , ,

We’ve been delivering Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions since the earliest viable versions. We’ve developed one of the best Microsoft CRM solution delivery teams in the Chicago area. We have countless satisfied Microsoft CRM users. The Microsoft CRM 2011 release was one of the better new releases from Microsoft in a number of years. We continue to value the strengths of Microsoft CRM, including its unparalleled Outlook and SharePoint integration capabilities and its economic value.

So why is SWC starting a SalesForce.com practice?
Several reasons:

  1. Our customers asked us to. Many had chosen SalesForce.com before they met us. They liked the product, but had trouble finding a high quality provider to support their efforts. The mid-market is especially under-served when it comes to this technology.
  2. We found that we were good at it. Implementing CRM solutions is as much about functional and process design as it is about technology. Those skills translate quite nicely from Microsoft to SaleForce.com. And our deep Java development experience helped us to master APEX.
  3. We like the product. Many customers will be best served by the Microsoft’s value proposition. Many others will place a greater emphasis on the collaboration and social features that have come to differentiate SalesForce.com. Some will fall in the middle, served well by either solution. And we’ll help our customers navigate that choice.

So keep your eyes peeled over the next few months as we roll out events that will showcase both of these technologies in their best light. Most importantly, we’ll help you decide what’s right for you.

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