Ask SWC: What’s a Great CRM Tool for Your Sales Team

October 4, 2013   //   Customer Relationship Management, , , , ,

SWC offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that help sales teams effectively manage the customer lifecycle and cultivate market-share. We asked our sales team lead to share one of her favorite CRM tools that is helping make our sales team more productive. Watch this week’s “Ask SWC” video to learn more.

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In this episode of “Ask SWC,” our Sales Team Lead, Elaine Green sits down to discuss her favorite feature of CRM, the contact dialer. The contact dialer is a CRM tool our sales team cannot live without. Within this custom built application, the sales team is able run advanced find searches within CRM based on certain criteria, such as area codes or job titles. They are then able to pull all of the data they find into a simple yet robust dialer screen. For example, the sales team can run a query on IT analysts to invite to an upcoming Chicago event. The tool instantly sorts through thousands of contacts providing the team with a list to directly target, saving them time. Using the contact dialer ensures our sales team is calling on the right contacts at the right time for the right event, making them more productive and efficient.

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