Digital Design: An Integral Part of the Technology Experience

May 4, 2012   //   Digital Marketing, , , , , , ,

In so many ways design has become an integral part of technology. Today as individuals we are surrounded by computers, tablets, smart phones and now with the Cloud we have the ability to have extremely interactive, meaningful experiences anywhere and at any time. This is the Consumerization of IT – and it’s fantastic. But with all of this has come a huge lift in user sophistication and generally speaking a tremendous expectation of the technology experience. We have become accustomed to consuming information – no matter where we are – whether at home or at work – in a way that is compelling and at the very least easy.

It’s this concept that is at the heart of SWC Design. It’s the idea that form – or design – is meant to enhance function. In practical terms this design philosophy is helping us provide our clients with tremendous advantages in the development of SharePoint environments, eCommerce sites as well as mobile applications. We have always been a firm that has understood functionality and pragmatic efficiency – today we are enhancing that capability with very real, very sophisticated user experience and graphic design talent and expertise.

In developing our design practice we have also made investments in our ability to deliver around search engine optimization – or SEO. The idea behind SEO is to structure the architecture, code and content of a website in such a way that it finds preference with dominant search engines such as Google or Bing. We believe that if our clients are going to invest in creating compelling, aesthetically beautiful and functionally efficient websites they are going to want users to find them.

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