How Fresh Content Drives Rankings and ROI

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Does fresh content really matter? How frequently should a company update website content? Can fresh content actually improve SEO ranking? Content marketing or marketing via the creation of engaging, valuable, and thought-provoking content that drives customer action has been a steadily increasing trend over recent years and with good reason – the results show that content marketing impacts the customer experience.

Content Marketing

How to Incorporate Fresh Content into Your Marketing Strategy

In order to effectively market content, there needs to be a place to easily store the content. A company’s website is often the hub and email, social media, and other websites are often the vehicle for promotion. The challenge for most companies is finding time to develop, publish and share the content.

So how do you balance the demand and identify how often you should add fresh content to your website? Here are things to consider:

  • Ability to Post Content: If your website requires a developer in order to post content, then it is already getting costly to publish fresh content and there is also likely a delay. If you are in this position, you should strongly consider migrating to a more user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that allows users to post and alter content with no developer involvement. Most of these solutions can be cost-effective, and some of the best are even free! Though not ideal, an alternative may be to implement a standalone blog which continues to reference your main website.
  • Resources to Develop Content: Those that have a lean marketing or sales team often don’t have the time to generate engaging content. Engaging content is unique and often thought-provoking or entertaining. It incorporates search engine-optimized keywords and calls to action. As a result, many companies lean on other providers to generate great content. In fact, writing and design were found to be the most popular functions that B2B marketers outsourced (according to the B2B Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America report). Creative Services are value-based and easily affordable to help provide the value without having to hire additional resources in house .

The Return on Investment for Fresh Content

So we’ve spoken to the cost, but what is the actual value in developing fresh copy and how often should you be updating it? At a minimum, you want your website content to be accurate, so ask yourself:

  • Are your current products and/or services accurate on your site?
  • Does your messaging reflect your current business and sales strategy?
  • Does the site have up-to-date third party testimonials, certifications, etc.?

Remember that over 78% of U.S. Internet Users Research Products and Services Online before they buy in both B2B and B2C environments (“Exceptional Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014”, Webbiquity, April 2014). They are comparing you to the competition online, and if it does not look like you are the authority, you may lose market share to your competitors.

So why continue to go above and beyond, promoting new content more frequently? Here are some reasons to develop your business case:

  • Demonstrates your capabilities – No one wants to read a thesis on everything you can do, but they do want tips. Show that you understand your customer’s challenges by providing insights.
  • You need to give to get – Companies need to market but consumers don’t have a reason to spend their valuable time reading advertisements. If you need to advertise a product, try coupling it with fresh content. You’re planting a seed for the future!
  • The fresher the content, the more impressions: Search engines reward content that is recent or has frequent changes with higher rankings and more impressions.

Until you have a good infrastructure in place with regards to website technology and resourcing, frequency may have to be limited. Once these mechanisms are in place, you can create great content at a much lower cost, providing a stronger ROI and more lead generation opportunities. Target weekly generation of fresh copy and look to grow your strategy and timing from there.

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