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March 7, 2013   //   Client Success Digital Marketing, , , , ,

Videos have become an essential form of marketing and brand awareness for many companies due to their ability to showcase products and convey messages in a highly effective manner. At SWC, our video production services offer the ability to create custom videos catered to your company’s needs.

Our video production team would like to highlight a video we recently created for Directions Training. Directions Training has been successfully educating IT and business professionals worldwide since 1991. Directions Training offers expert training and certifications for all major technology vendors, including Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Citrix, Oracle, CompTIA, Project Management and more. Directions challenged SWC to create a unique video that would not only engage viewers, but also educate potential clients about their new service offering of Virtual Instructor Led Training, Direct2You (D2Y).

After listening to what Directions wanted and understanding the projects goals, SWC took a creative approach of using a combination of custom animation, catchy sound and informative, yet humorous copy to develop and deliver a video that explained a complicated concept in a fun and easy way.

The outcome was a video that has not only improved sales for Directions Training, but has also given them the ability to market their Direct2You virtual training solution in an effective manner.

To learn more about SWC’s video production services, please join us for our next Digital Design and SEO event.

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