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I can’t believe 2012 is almost over! It has been a great year for SWC and we are quickly getting ready for 2013. Around this time, I always find myself reflecting on the year and making some New Year’s resolutions. You know the ones – vow to work out more, eat healthy, spend less money – all lofty, but rarely kept. Many of the IT business leaders I’ve talked to lately are also making their 2013 New Year’s resolutions, or are at least setting goals and creating 2013 business plans. I thought I would share some of the most common 2013 IT New Year’s resolutions I’ve heard so far:

  • This year, I want to ensure our IT systems are never down – 100% uptime!
  • This year, I want to keep our systems monitored and managed – 24X7!
  • This year, we will make sure our users are getting the support they need – day or night!
  • This year, we will make sure our users have the tools they need to help them succeed!
  • This year, our company will proactively plan for technology investments and eliminate the unpleasant and expensive surprises!
  • This year, our IT Department will win the Team of the Year Award!
  • This year, our IT team members will be able to take vacations to exotic islands where there is no cell service or internet access – and relax!
  • This year, IT will implement the cool technologies that will make our company more efficient, more productive, and more competitive!

Wouldn’t these resolutions be great, they all sound great! But, the reality is we all get busy and sometimes our resolutions get placed on the backburner or forgotten. In order to really accomplish your goals and keep your resolutions, you need support. Someone to keep you motivated and make sure you are on track. That’s where SWC Managed Services comes in. With SWC, you get a technology team that works for your business and helps you keep your IT New Year’s resolutions. Together, we help deliver a more productive, efficient and strategic IT department for your company. By combining forces, processes and technology with your company, SWC will help you improve your bottom line with cost-effective measures such as:

  • 24/7 Monitoring, tacking and repairing any IT challenge
  • Flexible support options right-sized to fit your IT needs
  • Dedicated support with experienced, highly-qualified engineers
  • Implementing industry best practices to ensure high performance, availability and reliability
  • Designing and developing infrastructure strategies and roadmaps to support your business goals

This year, don’t make a one-time IT resolution you’re unlikely to keep, partner with SWC Managed IT Services to make your IT resolutions a reality every day and succeed. From all of us at SWC, we wish you a very Happy New Year and festive holiday season!

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