SWC Best Practices: Calculating the Value of IT at the C-Level

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I think we’ve seen a real shift in the marketplace around the value of IT when talking to C-level executives. Watch my best practices video to learn more about why partnering with an IT managed services provider is a best practice for many mid-market organizations.

Managed IT Services Video

I’ve had a lot of conversations lately with C-level executives who are frustrated with all of the IT surprises their organizations continue to face. They are tired of coming into work and learning that the organization’s email has been down or stopped working one evening and there was no one around to get it fixed after hours. Many executives are also trying to understand how IT can be an enabler for their business. I think this is due to the fact that there has been a lot of press recently around the cloud and products like O365 and other technologies from Microsoft that allow companies to have that “always on” capability. I continue to hear that C-level executives in many organizations are struggling to figure out and calculate the value they are getting from IT.

Keeping up has always been one of the greatest challenges internal IT teams face in the mid-market. There is increased complexity, in terms of the size of a mid-market company’s IT environment and the technologies that are running within those organizations. As a result, an organization’s IT spend continues to increase. When there are outages or problems, a CFO or CEO is going to start to challenge why an internal IT department needs to make a larger investment, hire another IT person, or purchase a new technology.

I know the C-level executives in these mid-market organizations are trying to figure out what the right solution is and at SWC, these IT conversations are easy to have. When we start to lay out the IT services and solutions SWC can provide from a Managed Services standpoint that will help supplement their internal IT teams, the conversation quickly changes from having to hire another IT person, to asking SWC to deliver that work at a fraction of a cost.There are many benefits to partnering with a managed IT services provider like SWC to complement your internal team or completely outsourcing IT operations to, including:

  • Leveraging a team of more 150 experienced and highly qualified Chicagoland consultants and engineers to help monitor, track and repair any IT challenge – 24×7
  • Implementing industry best practices for high IT environment performance and reliability
  • Developing infrastructure strategies and roadmaps to support business goals and drive business impact
  • Breadth and depth of experience in all of the complementary technologies necessary for mid-market business operations – including software, infrastructure and security services

To learn more about SWC’s Managed IT Services offering, please join us for our next Chicago area Managed Services event or follow Susie Cummings on LinkedIn.

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