SWC Best Practices: Closing the Midmarket IT Talent Gap

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I think one of the challenges a lot of midmarket companies face is that we are in an extremely competitive market for IT talent. According to a Dice 2014 hiring survey, Chicago is the sixth toughest place in the U.S. to recruit tech talent. Watch my best practices video to learn more about how SWC is helping mid-market organizations close the IT talent gap through managed services.

Managed IT Services Video

A lot of mid-market companies are struggling to find IT talent and the reality is:

  • 40% of firms planning to hire or have had openings for six months or more because they cannot find the ideal candidate – McKinsey & Company
  • 64% of companies have positions for which they often cannot find qualified applicants – McKinsey & Company
  • Two thirds of IT employees say they are “confident that they can find a new, better” job sometime this year – Dice Salary Survey
  • Equal to compensation the largest motivator provided to IT talent during 2014 was “more interesting or challenging assignments” – Dice Salary Survey
  • The average U.S. tech salary for 2013 was $87,811 – Dice Salary Survey
  • The average U.S. tech salary has increased consistently for 10 years in a row – Dice Salary Survey

Frankly, it’s not as compelling for IT talent to work in an internal IT department where they might get exposure to an infrastructure upgrade or really cool project every three years. They end up getting very siloed in terms of their responsibilities. Since we are a technology consulting company, SWC has a great track record for attracting and retaining IT talent around many core technologies and we are leverage that team, or mass on behalf our clients. We offer our consultants a constant flow of exciting and challenging projects to help broaden their skills. So when a client ends up needing a level three Exchange resource for a one-off project, we have that resource available. The truth is most organizations can only afford a certain number of IT staff members and every day there is a new development in technology. Most mid-market organizations don’t need a full-time Exchange resource, but when you need them, you need them and SWC can provide ready access to that person.

Our clients truly value and appreciate the relationship they have with the technical resources at SWC. Many of our consultants serve as an advisor to our clients, helping them decide which technologies are going to be the best for their organization and have the greatest impact. It’s much easier for our client’s internal IT teams to turn to their SWC resource for help, instead of going out and meeting with ten different vendors trying to find the right solution. Our consultants are great problem solvers and work with hundreds of midmarket organizations each day, in many cases developing their IT strategy and then monitoring and managing their IT environments. They see a lot and that helps us develop best practice procedures and metrics as well as an understanding of what technologies work best in what situations. Our consultants can usually say, “Here is the problem that you are trying to solve and here’s how SWC has helped solve it for many other customers just like you with the following technology recommendation.” There is a lot of peace of mind, efficiency and cost savings associated with that model.

To learn more about SWC’s Managed IT Services offering, please join us for our next Chicago area Managed Services event or follow Susie Cummings on LinkedIn.

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