SWC Best Practices: Does Outsourcing My Service Desk Make Sense?

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I’ve noticed that a lot of executives show up to our managed services events because they have had something happen. Whether they have found out their IT person is looking for a new job, they just got out of a meeting and realized there is a big business initiative that they don’t have enough IT resources to support, or they just aren’t satisfied with their existing IT provider. Watch my video to learn more about managed IT services and why outsourcing IT service desk operations is a best practice for many organizations.

Managed IT Services Video

We have had a number of conversations and recently started a relationship with an organization that had outsourced their IT service desk operations to another company. The organization had an internal IT person focused on their servers and network and chose to outsource IT service desk operations to a third party provider for staff augmentation. The third party provider supplied the organization with a permanent onsite IT service desk resource, and what the organization found was that they began experiencing quite a bit of turnover. Therefore the organization was faced with the challenge of continually having to train their third party IT provider’s onsite resources.

SWC had been marketing to this organization for quite some time and when they faced their final turnover experience with this IT managed services provider, they gave us a call. We sat down with their organization and strategized on how SWC might be able to deliver a higher level of service to their users through a shared IT services team model, as opposed to being dependent on one or two people, whether they were an outsourced or internal resource. Over the course of time, we developed a custom IT service desk offering for this organization. Now, their users contact SWC for all remote user desktop support. If we run into an issue and we need to escalate support, we escalate it to an internal resource or we have our staff go onsite for support as well. What this has essentially done is lower this organization’s IT service desk costs, while delivering a much higher level of service for their users. Over time, SWC has had the opportunity to get to know this organization more and has become not only a technical resource, but a trusted partner. As a result we have started working on other IT infrastructure projects as well as software solutions projects to better the organization’s operations.

There are many benefits to partnering with an IT managed services provider like SWC for service desk or help desk services. Some of which include:

  • Centralized tracking of all IT service desk incidents, which provides further information and data on commonly reported user issues. Typically these are the result of larger issues or problems in the IT environment, which we are able to quickly identify and solve.
  • Being able to holistically analyze users’ needs and provide recommendations on ways to improve efficiency and productivity within the organization
  • Freeing up an organization’s internal IT staff from performing user’s Level I help desk support requests so that they can work on more value-added and strategic projects for the organization
  • 24X7 coverage and improved responsiveness and service levels

To learn more about SWC’s Managed IT Services offering, please join us for our next Chicago area Managed Services event or follow Susie Cummings on LinkedIn.

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