SWC Best Practices: IT Industry Trends In Manufacturing & Distribution

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As the economy improves, there are certain industries that are gaining traction, one of them is manufacturing and distribution. Watch my video to learn more about the IT trends and best practices we are seeing in our manufacturing and distribution client base.

Managed IT Services Video

For a long time the manufacturing and distribution industry was kind of stagnant and now we’re seeing a resurgence in the growth of those organizations. In particular, a lot of organizations with manufacturing facilities in Mexico and Asia. These organizations need to partner with a firm that can help them understand how to monitor, manage and really maintain their IT environments as well as provide strategic guidance on how technology should work. They also need a firm that can deliver the uptime and availability of their IT systems for their users around the clock.

One manufacturing company that SWC worked with had 450 users and two dedicated internal IT folks, one was an IT manager and one a systems administrator. Trying to serve all of their users and maintain and manage the company’s IT environment was a daunting task for two employees. Eventually the business units started to express concerns about response times and the fact that they kept on having issues with the availability and performance of their IT systems.

When SWC got engaged with this organization, one of the areas where we felt we could make an immediate impact was to implement our IT Managed Services, specifically our monitoring services because they were constantly getting surprised. For instance, the team would come into the office and find out that their switch had been down since the night before. A more proactive approach gave this company some peace of mind and understanding into what was going on with their IT systems.

Another area that we focused on through Managed Services was this organization’s service desk. It was impossible for two individuals to handle all of the support requests from the company’s users located across the country. SWC came in and defined our service desk offering, which is essentially creating policies and procedures where their users would contact SWC’s remote service desk and then we would handle all level one requests for those users. We would open tickets and if something needed to be escalated to their internal team, it came from us in a very defined way. We also established escalation procedures around those items to ensure that the user was dealt with as quickly as possible. The fact that we were also monitoring and managing their IT environment, gave us that comprehensive visibility into that organization, such that if a user or group of users had a problem, we could look at the monitoring and say we are seeing some network latency, for instance and be able to troubleshoot that and deal with things in a more holistic way.

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