BYOD Policies And Mobile Device Management

November 19, 2013   //   Managed Services, , , , ,

Bring your own device (BYOD) is the emerging trend of enabling employees to bring personally owned mobile devices, most commonly tablets and phones to use in the workplace. However, BYOD can cause some serious security risks for companies. In this Managed Services blog, we will explore how an organization can get the most out of BYOD while reducing risk and cost.

With the rise in popularity of BYOD, one of the scariest things a business faces is allowing an employee’s personal devices to access to proprietary company data or records that contain customer’s personally identifiable information. A recent report, “BYOD Insights 2013: A Cisco Partner Network Study,” found that 90 percent of employees are bringing their own smartphones to work but 40 percent of those phones were not password protected. In addition to these security risks, a BYOD policy can increase the demand of an organization’s IT staff to assist employees with getting their personal devices on the corporate network and enabling e-mail and calendar sync.

A BYOD policy and Mobile Device Management solution will allow companies to get the most out of BYOD while reducing the risk and cost. A Mobile Device Management suite allows the IT department to:

  • Secure employee devices – both by enforcing password policies and enabling them to remotely wipe a device if it gets lost or stolen
  • Manage the device – send encryption keys to the device for wireless networks or configuration settings for e-mail push

To learn more about creating and implementing an effective BYDO policy and Mobile Device Management, please join us for our next informative Managed Services event.

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