Client Success: Morton College

April 25, 2011   //   Client Success Managed Services


Technology Succeeds with Commitment

Managed Services solution improved network operations for Morton College.


Since 1924, Morton College, located in Cicero, Illinois, has positively impacted the lives of many people in Chicago and the surrounding communities. Morton College is committed to helping everyone in the community reach their educational goals and offers a variety of learning opportunities. Over time, Morton College’s curriculum and mission have expanded from a two-year college to include career, community, continuing and adult education programs.

Organization Challenge

The Morton College Management Information System (MIS) department supports the computing needs of the students, faculty and staff. The network includes more than 1,000 workstations and approximately 60 servers housed in six different locations. Given its increasing dependence on technology and the need for high network availability and performance, Morton College sought a solution that would improve network stability and manageability. To begin their search for the right solution, Morton College issued a RFP for corporate network and administration support. Morton College was looking for a partner who would manage the network on a day-to-day basis, provide subject matter expertise and offer guidance to ensure that MIS was well positioned to meet the growing needs of the college.

Managed Services Solution

SWC proposed a team-based managed services solution to deliver reliable, experienced and committed IT resources to meet Morton College’s current and future IT needs. Because it’s almost impossible to find one or two people who possess the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to manage a complex environment, SWC’s solution was to field a team of people with intimate knowledge of the Morton College network environment to provide onsite, offsite and emergency support.

SWC provides one onsite network engineer to work closely with the internal Morton College faculty and staff. This full-time onsite support, combined with a SWC managed services team monitoring the environment on a 24 x 7 basis, provided Morton with the full coverage it requires.

Through its proactive and consistent monitoring, SWC can identify issues that could compromise network health, performance and stability. Once an issue is identified, SWC will triage the problem and work with the onsite engineer to rapidly resolve the situation. Each month, the team meets with management to review results and best practice recommendations with the goal of creating an infrastructure that delivers the most value while optimizing Morton College’s IT investments.

As a first step in the partnership, SWC recommended a Network Discovery Assessment of the IT environment at Morton College. This recommendation was outside the scope of the RFP, but a critical step in ensuring the success of the relationship and a smooth and secure transition from the current service provider.


Morton College’s Board of Trustees awarded SWC an annual contract, renewable for three years. SWC conducted the Network Discovery Assessment to identify security risks, document the existing environment, and create a thorough transition plan that minimized network disruption. SWC reviewed and consolidated Morton College’s various technology support agreements and in the process identified a number of cost-savings measures. The assessment also identified ways to make the environment more efficient and manageable, including potential server consolidation projects.

Once transitioned, SWC began proactively collecting data and monitoring Morton College’s network infrastructure around the clock. Now, when a threshold is breached, an alert is generated and the SWC team provides recommendations for resolving the issue. SWC also identifies potential issues that can be resolved before they impact network health or performance. As a result, network downtime has been reduced. In just a short time, the Morton College network environment was greatly improved. SWC’s team-based approach to managed services and constant monitoring provides the comprehensive support and coverage Morton College required.

Just as Morton College is committed to helping others achieve their educational goals, SWC is committed to helping Morton College maintain an optimal network environment.