Improving New Technology Implementation with Organizational Change Management

February 5, 2016   //   Managed Services, ,

The last time your organization made a serious investment in new technology, how did the implementation go?

  • Was it a good experience for your users?
  • Were your employees as productive as you expected as quickly as you wanted them to be?
  • Was the level of disruption acceptable?
  • Are you getting the return on investment you were looking for?

If these questions haven’t reignited a case of heartburn for you, it’s our guess that you have a grasp on End User Change Management, and your organization knows how to use technology to achieve the mission and outperform competition! It’s been our experience that many mid-market organizations struggle with managing new technology implementations, especially when employee impact is high.

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A few high profile examples include:

  • A new CRM system
  • Office productivity software upgrades
  • A technology refresh with new PCs, laptops, tablets, or phones

Often, it takes too long to put new technology in place and get users to become productive with it.

Organizational Change Management

In this first of my upcoming series blog posts, we will introduce End User Enablement, SWC’s proprietary organizational change management framework for ensuring a great end user adoption with any new technology implementation or ongoing operation. Our framework consists of a series of plans (depicted below) supported by software tools and business processes, executed by seasoned business professionals.

Customer Enablement Plan Overview


In my next post, I’ll start explaining what it takes for a mid-market organization to produce the following outcomes with a new technology implementation.

  • Great user experience – learn how to give users a great experience during deployment, in production, and after the solution is deployed to ensure adoption
  • Speed up deployment – read my tips on how to get to production operation faster and be more streamlined in the process
  • Manage end user impact and business disruption – more information on our proven business processes that ensure a successful new technology implementation
  • Better return on new technology investment – I’ll share best practices for increasing adoption rates and making users more productive
  • Operational excellence – our keys to successfully getting the efficiencies promised

If your organization is thinking about investing in new technology, contact SWC to learn more about improving your ROI through end user enablement.

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