Managed IT Security Services Client Success Story: Simpson Technologies

January 6, 2016   //   Managed Services, ,

SWC Managed IT Security Services in Action

SWC partners with Simpson Technologies on a variety of projects including IT Managed Services. Watch our client success video case study below to learn more about our partnership in action.

Managed IT Services Case Study

Managed IT Security Services Provides Simpson Technologies with Safe Haven

Simpson Technologies is a 103-year-old fifth-generation family-owned business specializing in the design and production of advanced process technologies and services for the global metal casting and chemical process industries. Simpson distributes products globally and has offices in Switzerland and India.

President and COO Bruce Dienst tried to open a file he had been working on the previous day and the file wouldn’t load. He soon noticed three additional files in the network that were not his and hadn’t been there before.

Suspicious that his system may have been compromised, Dienst wasted no time contacting SWC Technology Partners. SWC identified the issue as the CryptoLocker virus, a form of ransomware that locks the files down on a computer or network and asks the user to pay a ransom in order to regain access. Over 8,000 of Simpson Technologies’ files were infected.

SWC’s 24/7 staffed worked over the weekend to find the source of the virus, eliminate it, and restore harmony to Simpson Technologies.

It’s great to be able to concentrate our IT resources on our business processes and have access to all of SWC’s expertise on everything else, and we take advantage of that everything else.

– Bruce Dienst, President and COO

By employing SWC’s expertise in managed IT security services, Simpson Technologies has a 24/7, local partner that they can count on to monitor and mitigate potential compromises, ultimately allow Simpson’s internal IT team to focus on more value-added initiatives that enable their business to grow.

If you want to learn more about how SWC’s managed IT security services team can ensure your data, files and systems are always working for your 24/7 business, join us for our next complimentary Managed Services event in Chicago or contact us today for a free consultation on your current IT challenges.