My Fantasy IT Team

October 22, 2013   //   Managed Services, , , ,

Football season is finally underway, which is always a fun and exciting time for me, as friends and family gather together to watch the game. Many of them are cheering for their favorite teams, but some of them are rooting for the players that comprise their fantasy football teams. This got me thinking about IT and SWC’s midmarket clients. If they had the ability to pick a fantasy IT team, who should be on it?

Depending on the size of the company, I think you would need at least three types of resources:


This person would have a broad understanding of technology and how technology can be used to improve the business, whether it’s being more competitive or setting up a foundation that will allow the company to grow, or putting the tools and resources in front of employees to allow them to do their jobs more effectively and deliver better service for their clients. This person definitely has a technology background, but a business focus – you need that person to be able to connect the two. Either one of them working independently is a recipe for disaster.


The engineer is important because you need somebody to execute the plan. The CIO is going to come up with the strategic plan in working with the business and the engineer is going to execute that. The perfect engineer is someone who has all of the depth and breadth of experience that you need across a wide range of technologies that are very apparent in today’s businesses. Those people are hard to find, but would probably be at the top of my list!

IT Delivery/Support

This is someone who is delivering support to the end users. Someone who is really focused on customer service has a good technology background. They are very focused on problem solving and being tenacious and delivering that service, so that the users can effectively engage in technology to do their jobs better…we all know happy employees make the business more money.

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