Only 98 Days Left For Microsoft Windows XP!

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Four years ago Microsoft announced that Microsoft Windows XP had reached the end of its mainstream support and that although they would continue to provide security updates every month through April of 2014, customers should begin migrating to newer versions of Windows. Time is quickly running out and in just 98 days Microsoft will cease providing those important security updates; leaving organizations holding the proverbial hot potato. Windows XP will not just be outdated – it will be a liability, permanently at risk: zero-day forever.

Without advanced exploit defenses found in newer operating systems, like UAC (User Account Control) and ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization), Windows XP was already affected by malware at a significantly higher rate, but malware is becoming more sophisticated and hackers increasingly patient. Security professionals believe that some hackers are already holding back discovered exploits, hoping that they go undiscovered and unpatched by Microsoft until the April deadline passes. Organizations can believe that their firewalls will block these threats but the reality is most intrusions begin as malicious websites or fraudulent e-mail attachments.

What is it, specifically, that is holding you, your department or your organization back? If you answered legacy applications then you are not alone. An independent survey by Avanade of 200 CIO’s and IT leaders revealed that 80% had concerns of unsupported Windows XP applications. But there is good news, SWC can help!

Talk to us about inventorying your organization. We can help you identify how many XP desktops are still in production with our desktop deployment assessments. SWC can help you discover which legacy applications are actually being used and how to begin compatibility testing. SWC can also help you virtualize those stubborn legacy applications that just refuse to work on newer operating systems.

If you would like to learn more about Managed IT Services, please join us for our next informative Managed Services event.

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