SharePoint Managed Services Recipe for Success

August 5, 2016   //   Managed Services, , , ,

SharePoint is a powerhouse when it comes to collaboration. It has the ability to drive incredible value and return on investment for almost every business under the sun. A pragmatic and well-executed  deployment, including ongoing support and rigor around user enablement and change management, ensures that maximum value is achieved but also helps to foster a positive user experience, strong adoption, and continued excitement throughout the business.

Managing SharePoint in the Cloud

SWC has been providing SharePoint solutions for mid-market businesses since its inception in 2000 and has mastered the recipe for success.  Times are changing, though, and increasingly businesses are looking to deploy SharePoint in the cloud to harness the speed, scalability and economic benefits that the Cloud offers. With that comes new challenges and obstacles that must be overcome to properly manage and maintain an effective  solution.

New features, capabilities, and enhancements are always evolving in a Cloud environment and many businesses don’t have the time or resources to keep up with these changes.  Add on top of that, the ever-changing needs of your business, the responsibility of ensuring your users are benefiting from new capabilities (and using them!), and the daily management tasks that are paired with any technology solution deployment; and you have yourself a difficult and full-time job.

SWC Comprehensive SharePoint Solution

SWC’s SharePoint Managed Services has helped many of our customers alleviate these burdens by offering ongoing advisory services. Here are some of the services we provide in our comprehensive SharePoint Managed Services:

• Gather input from the business and its users to identify areas of improvement and opportunity
• Measure and manage the overall SharePoint infrastructure (on-premises or in the Cloud)
• Deliver continuous innovation to ensure users are benefiting from the newest features and capabilities that are released through Microsoft Office 365
• Qualify and measure business value

A comprehensive SharePoint solution has the ability to transform organizations; from the way they differentiate themselves from their competitors to the methods by which they remain efficient, agile, and react to the ongoing demands of their internal and external customers. SWC’s SharePoint Managed Services can help you derive the most of your  investment by offering our highly sought after advisory capabilities that are focused on your business, your users, and your success. To learn more, contact us or register for our next complimentary Chicagoland Technology lunch event.