Need a SQL Server DBA? Ever Considered Utilizing a Virtual DBA?

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Many mid-market companies have SQL Servers to support, but not enough work or budget to justify the expense of a full-time SQL DBA. SWC offers an alternative to complement your internal IT team’s need for SQL expertise. Read my blog to learn more about the benefits of a SWC’s virtual database administrator solution.

SWC’s Virtual Database Administrator (vDBA) Team has helped many Chicagoland organizations improve performance, ensure availability, implement best practices and complete project-based work for their SQL Servers. Since SWC employs a team of dedicated technical experts, we can complement your IT team and provide leadership with the strategic planning necessary to create a technical roadmap for future growth, consolidation and upgrades. Our vDBA service is a fraction of the cost of a full-time DBA.

Virtual? What’s that?
We’re glad you asked! While “virtual” tends to be computer-focused, our vDBA team is very real. However, they administer servers via remote access to your company’s SQL Servers from our corporate office located in Oak Brook, IL. This allows for 24X7 coverage of your core production systems and data.

But what if my company has an IT fire and I need the DBA on-site?
Should the situation arise in which physical attendance is needed, the service includes availability of one of our local team members to travel to your company within the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs.

How do I know if I need a VDBA or if there is a problem with my SQL environment?
SWC offers Microsoft SQL Server Assessments to ensure your SQL environment is optimally performing. The assessments follow best practice recommendations and help resolve SQL Server performance issues, improve reliability, cut costs and consolidate applications.

The first step is completing our free Preliminary Database Assessment. Following completion of the preliminary assessment, we schedule a meeting to review the results as well as a few recommendations to better optimize and support your environment.

What does SWC’s vDBA service include?

SWC’s fixed monthly vDBA offering includes:

  • 24X7 monitoring of application health, hardware and resources
  • Triage, analysis and remediation of hardware, OS and SQL alerts
  • Daily maintenance plan output validation
  • Weekly data and log review focused on performance improvement
  • Monthly SQL health report and recommendations (growth, query, optimization, etc.)
  • As needed server update installation, database code review and maintain service log documentation

Manage your IT budget by lowering expenses and investing in a vDBA to complete your team.

SWC’s Microsoft SQL Server & VDBA Solutions

Watch our video below to learn more about SWC’s approach to SQL Server and Virtual Database Administrator Services.

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