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Today a lot of our conversations with mid-market C-level executives are focused around the uncertainty of what’s really happening from an IT security perspective. We have a number of prospects and customers that are constantly getting hit with viruses and security threats and they don’t know why. Watch my best practices video to learn more about why partnering with an IT managed services provider for security services is a best practice for many mid-market organizations.

Managed IT Services Video

I think there are a lot of C-level executives facing challenges around security and understanding what responsibilities they have. We have worked with a lot of clients who are middle market organizations serving enterprise customers that need to comply with their security requirements and ensure that the data they are sending is secure. Thus we have a lot of security work and as an extension of that we deliver security managed services as a best practice.

The first step is to help our clients build a solid security foundation to protect their organization with next generation security solutions for today’s cyber threats. This includes market leading security tools for firewalls, malware detection and Network Access Controls to prevent attacks such as botnets and CryptoLocker. Once a security program has been put in place, our managed services security team begins completing daily security checks and quarterly security scans to make sure our customer are staying safe and compliant.

One of the things that has also been scary for a lot of organization is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the lack of control IT has any more on the many devices that are engaging an organization’s environment and network. One of the areas SWC’s managed services security practice has done a lot of work on is determining what strategies need to be employed around BYOD and what kind of controls can be employed from a technology perspective to not only protect the organization’s data but also protect their client’s data as well and ensure compliance.

There are many benefits to partnering with SWC for security managed IT services. SWC’s approach provides our clients with not only a highly responsive team of subject matter experts, but also comprehensive coverage and predictable costs. Our security managed services offering includes:

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Monitoring and management of firewalls
  • Security log review
  • Threat intelligence bulletins
  • IPS / IDS tuning and management
  • Next generation firewall and web application solutions
  • Strategic IT roadmap and virtual CIO consulting services

To learn more please join us for our next complimentary Chicagoland security and managed services event to learn more about the tools and tactics to keep your organization secure. Or contact us for a complimentary security assessment.

SWC IT Security Assessment Service

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