SWC Managed Services – A More Strategic Approach to IT

March 15, 2012   //   Managed Services, , , ,

Hello, my name is Susie Cummings and I am responsible for our SWC Technology Partners’ Managed Services practice. At SWC we have been providing managed services for Chicago area businesses for six years now and we have learned a lot from our experience. Of course, we have grown tremendously in terms of how we deliver our service; how we monitor and manage our client’s environments in a best of class manner. But, over the years, what has struck me as most interesting is why our clients have come to us. What has caused them to consider SWC for managed services?

One scenario which we run into pretty frequently is with today’s middle market business executive or business owner – that person who owns the company strategy and is trying to push the business forward. What we find is that there tends to be a pretty large gap between where the business wants or needs to go and how far the company’s technology infrastructure can take it.

This can mean a lot actually. It’s not just about the hardware and how well it’s working. Many times it’s about technical leadership. Is there a technical executive in place who can architect a vision to support the business strategy? I can’t tell you how many times I have met with senior business leaders that are masters of their products. These are people, that when it comes to their industry will forget more than I’ll ever know. But when it comes to technology they don’t know where to start, who to trust, even what to ask for.

What’s great to see is how profoundly SWC can affect these businesses. We have the very experienced, truly talented individuals who can provide that senior technical voice and vision. These folks are brilliant at digesting business goals and then creating the technical environments necessary to support them. And then, perhaps more importantly, through their team members at SWC they have the capabilities to build out, manage, and continue to evolve that new IT organization.

It’s really an exciting time. I’m really proud of what we can do here at SWC. We’re helping our clients find success.

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