SWC’s Virtual Database Administration (VDBA) Solution

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IT consulting firm, SWC Technology Partners, currently provides virtual database administration services to help assess and maintain your Microsoft SQL Server environment. Our expert VDBA’s can complement your internal IT team, providing the SQL expertise needed to help resolve performance issues, reports that are taking too long to generate, slow running applications, or help you upgrade your SQL environment or add more BI assets, such as dashboards, reports and spreadsheets. Watch our video below to learn more about SWC’s VDBA solution, which starts with a SQL Server assessment.

Virtual Database Administrator VDBA Services

As part of SWC’s SQL Server assessment, we look at your entire SQL environment, including maintenance plans, operating systems, Disaster Recovery, back-ups, memory and space allocations and temporary files. We then compare them to best practices and provide recommendations to implement that will improve performance and your environment. SWC can also look at any necessary remediation plans that need to take place.

As part of the SQL assessment, we provide you with two detailed documents, a summary document that high-levels your environment and the recommendations, and a very detailed document that goes through every minute detail of your SQL databases. This document can be used for Disaster Recovery, audit, or as a repository document that contains all of the information about your database. In some cases, we then partner with our clients for an ongoing monthly VDBA service to augment their internal IT team and provide SQL Server monitoring and maintenance over time. We watch the maintenance activities and logs and monitor for any alerts or anomalies in memory usage in your environment, so that you can focus on more strategic projects, while we take care of the day-to-day maintenance for you.

Consider allowing SWC to partner with you on a SQL server assessment!

If you would like to learn more about SWC’s Virtual DBA solution or our specialized managed services offering, call SWC today 630-572-0240, or register for one of our next Business Intelligence or Managed Services events.

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