Signs It’s Time To Move On From Your Managed Services Provider

February 21, 2013   //   Managed Services

At SWC our managed services offering continues to evolve, as there is constant pressure for mid-market companies to keep up. Recently, we have expanded our offering to include enhanced managed services, including remote services such as help desk and production support; onsite support; specialized services such as virtual CIO, virtual database administration, and Microsoft Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint managed services. We are very excited about our enhanced managed services offering and the level of support we are providing to our customers.

Over the years, we’ve realized that many of our current managed services customers have chosen SWC because they were unhappy with their previous provider and didn’t realize they could get so much more out of their IT investment. I wanted to share some feedback about why these customers have chosen SWC and some signs it’s time to move on from your managed services provider.

  • They’re Too Reactive: They say they’re proactive, but I only hear from them when a problem occurs.
  • They’re Too Small: They had one guy that knew my IT environment, but he left. Now I’m a training ground for their engineers.
  • They Aren’t Strategic: I feel like there’s no strategic planning – I have to ask for insights and recommendations.
  • They Don’t Think Outside the Box: They only recommend solutions that they know, and not necessarily what I need for my business.
  • They Just Don’t Get It: I feel like we’re a small fish in a big pond – they can’t relate to my business.
  • They Don’t Even Know My Name: I don’t feel like I have a relationship with my provider. They meet with me when I ask and it’s usually a different person every other month.
  • They’re Out the Door a 5 PM: They don’t provide the coverage I need – they’re only available during business hours – but my operation is 24×7.
  • They Issue Too Many Tickets: They have to engage managed services for every support ticket – which causes delays and money. They don’t even have Level 2 or Level 3 support.
  • They Aren’t Subject Matter Experts: They don’t know my business and applications, only hardware and network. If I have an issue with SQL, I’m stuck. There are no enhanced managed services. I need a subject matter expert across all of the technologies in my environment.
  • They’re Constantly Billing Me: I have a managed services contract with fixed fees, but they nickel and dime me for support – I usually pay twice the charges.
  • I’m Not Even Sure What They’re Doing: They don’t even give me a monthly report!

At IT consulting firm SWC, we offer a service that is proactive, with consistent coverage and guaranteed SLAs. Our customers get a dedicated technical team focused on continuous improvements, proactively creating an IT strategy and technical roadmap for their business. We ensure the application of best practices and deliver increased network uptime in a reliable, stable and secure environment. Its flexible and guaranteed support coverage with predictable IT support costs. At SWC, we are helping our clients make the most of their IT investment and succeed.

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