The Top Five Signs You Need A Managed Services Partner Or Are Ready To Outsource

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In SWC’s 2012 Technology Trends Survey, we asked over 200 mid-market IT professionals and business leaders, “What is the greatest challenge in IT today?” and received an overwhelming response of “Keeping Up!” This response doesn’t really surprise me, as many of the IT professionals and business leaders I meet with every day express the same concern. Technology is moving too fast and IT is growing more complex and increasingly difficult to implement, manage and maintain. So how do you get ahead and achieve your business goals if you are a one-person department or are constantly putting out IT fires? It’s tough to talk strategy when your time and resources are limited. Our survey suggests Managed Services may be the answer, as one third of our respondents said they were partnered with a managed services provider to help monitor and manage their IT environments.

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So, what are the top five signs you need Managed Services or are ready to outsource?

Some possible signs are:

  • IT problems keep piling up and there’s no end in sight
  • The IT team doesn’t have the depth and breadth of knowledge to design, implement and support IT solutions
  • IT is viewed as a problem instead of a solution – or – IT is a necessary evil and not an enabler for the business – or – IT is not viewed as strategic to the company
  • Budgets are increasing every year, but the perceived ROI of IT is low
  • There are no strategic IT plans, no defined direction

The last three bullets always make me sad to think about. IT should enhance an organization, not hinder it. At SWC, our Managed Services offering is more than just a solution to “Keeping Up,” it’s a strategic partnership, where we’re constantly listening to our client’s business goals and then working together to create a technical environment necessary to support them. It’s a technical vision and structure for their business that makes the most of their IT investment. We implement industry best practices to ensure high performance and complement their internal team with dedicated support, so they become more productive and efficient. It’s so more than just “Keeping Up,” we are helping our clients find success through Managed Services.

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