Automate Your Business and IT Processes with Service Manager

October 19, 2015   //   Microsoft System Center

An organization’s IT team needs to be innovative, efficient and agile in order to enable the business and meet the demands of today’s fast-paced world. But how can IT do more with less time? The solution is Microsoft System Center Service Manager.

Microsoft System Center Service Manager provides a platform for process automation. At its core, Service Manager is an IT Service Management tool; however, when connected to other products in the System Center suite such as Orchestrator and Configuration Manager, Service Manager also provides a robust platform for automating business and IT processes.


For example, when integrated with Configuration Manager and Orchestrator, Service Manager can automate much of the manual effort in the change management process. Using a Service Manager Change Request, IT can create activities for each step: (1) a manual activity for completing the documentation, (2) a review activity for gathering the proper approvals, (3) an Orchestrator runbook activity that uses Configuration Manager to deploy the application, (4) and a manual activity for the post-implementation review. Once IT saves the change request, each activity executes in order to accomplish the entire process.

Why SWC for Service Manager
At SWC, our System Center experts fully immerse themselves in your business processes. What does that mean to you? It means you get a right-sized solution that makes sense for your business. Plus, you’ll free up your internal IT team to work on strategic initiatives with the awesome power of automation in Microsoft System Center Service Manager. Contact us today to get started.