Deploying System Center Configuration Manager Client over the Internet

December 30, 2015   //   Microsoft System Center

Microsoft offers a number of methods for deploying the System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) client. One challenge has been deploying the client over the Internet without the use of VPN, otherwise known as Internet-based client management (IBCM). As more IT services are published to the Internet, clients are less likely to connect to the corporate VPN. This makes the installation of the SCCM clients complex, especially when it comes to environment migration scenarios. SWC consultants have found the right combination of ccmsetup switches makes it possible to install the SCCM client over the internet.


How to Install the SCCM Client over the Internet

For this example we’ll be using the manual installation method. Please note – it’s important that the environment is working correctly over the Internet before proceeding.

1. First you will need to gather some files that will be used during the client installation

  • Open Program FilesMicrosoft Configuration Managerbini386MobileClient.tcf and copy the value of SMSPublicRootKey into a text file named ibcm.key
  • From the MMC Certificate console, export the “Site Server Signing Certificate” public key to ibcm.cer

2. Now you’re ready to install the client with the following switches:


Note: Replace the items in bracket with your specific environment values.

3. Then you will need to wait at least 10 minutes for the client to pull down all of the policies. If the client is failing to initialize and pull down the policies you can run a ccmrepair, but typically this should not be needed.

Note: If you are using this in a migration scenario you will want to make sure to run the following prior to the steps mentioned above.

C:Windowsccmsetupccmsetup.exe /uninstall

RD /s /q “%WINDIR%CCM”
RD /s /q “%WINDIR%CCMSetup”
RD /s /q “%WINDIR%ccmcache”


NET STOP “Winmgmt” /yes && NET START “Winmgmt”

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