Integrating Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection 2012 R2

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It’s Friday afternoon and the weekend is so close. Then the phone rings. . . and rings again. Soon call volume on the help desk sky rockets and the nightmare begins – a malware outbreak! No one wants to get those calls, yet malware is a stark reality for IT staff and managers. Protecting corporate data and assets is a top priority. Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection provides the reliable protection that all businesses require as part of any “defense in depth” strategy for combating malware. Integration with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, cross-platform support, simple configuration and robust reporting are the key to Endpoint Protection’s effectiveness as an industry-leading anti-malware platform.

Deploying and managing Endpoint Protection is accomplished through the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager console. Having anti-malware management in the same console as application and OS deployment as well as compliance management and inventory provides a true “single pane of glass” view into the entire IT infrastructure. The same staff skillsets leveraged for deploying operating systems and applications can be utilized for rolling out anti-malware software, policies and configuration. Using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to deploy and manage Endpoint Protection also reduces the need for learning additional management tools and consoles.

In addition to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager integration, Endpoint Protection also provides cross-platform anti-malware support. Client software is available both for the Mac platform as well as various Linux platforms. Cross platform support again means a single view into the environment that simplifies management and security of endpoints. Not only is there cross-platform support, but Microsoft recently announced that in spite of the end of life for Windows XP, anti-malware definition updates for the Windows XP platform will continue to be released. This means that while Windows XP systems are being decommissioned, the anti-malware platform can continue to be maintained.

Finally, the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager console provides robust reporting for Endpoint Protection. An in-console dashboard is available for viewing quick statistics on definition status and malware detections. More detailed out-of-the-box reports are available using the SQL Server Reporting Services back-end provided with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. Having insight into the status of the anti-malware platform enables IT to quickly and efficiently remediate any issues.

Friday afternoon calls are never the first choice for any IT manager, but Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection has got you covered – protecting your environment and your weekend!

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